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This non-profit organization was founded by Chie Murakami Schuller, who was born and raised in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She now lives in Columbus, Ohio. She founded this organization to raise funds for and awareness of the recent natural disaster in Northeast Japan. Ishinomaki(Miyagi) was devastated by the recent tsunami caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on 03/11/11. Donations raised by this organization will be sent to Chie's friends including one friend who is still missing (she left behind a husband and a 5 month old daughter). Money can’t buy happiness nor can it bring back a loved one. However, our love will be much greater than the tsunami that took everything from the victim. As our logo says, our love will cover everything-including thier sadness and pain. Thank you for making a difference and showing your support for Miyagi, Japan. If you have any questions regarding this organization or how the donations are sent/spent, please contact us at loveformiyagijapan@gmail.com

Monday, July 11, 2011

About $5000 Raised For My Friends in Japan! 義援金が約$5000に達成!

We started this fundraising back in May and have raised about $5000.00 for my friends in Miyagi Japan so far.  Thank you all so much for your donations and support for my friends.

All the donations were divided into 4 evenly and have been sent to 3 families last week via wire transfer.
My missing friend, Yuki, has not been found yet, but I was able to contact her husband and sent him the donation (I will be making a separate post for more Yuki's information later).
Eri and Kanako also have received their portion of the donations.
They are all so thankful for your support.  I will be making the last transfer (to Hitomi) soon.

Eri bought fans (the fan is the most wanted item in the affected area, and it costs 3 times more than the regular price these days) for her friends who were affected by the tsunami using the donations she has received.  Below are the pictures she took when she delivered them this past weekend (the boxed item is the fan she bought for them)

Eri's Neighbor/childhood friend who lost the mother in tsunami.

Eri's younger brother's girlfriend and her son.

Eri's friend/ex-coworker's dog at her friend's house.

What Eri bought for her and her boyfriend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pictures from Hitomi

Hitomi e-mailed me some of the pictures of her house and their seafood processing plant (Hitomi's family runs a  seafood processing business and owns a couple of processing plants which both were destroyed by the tsunami)
My other friend told me that the search for missing people (cleaning up the debries) for Hitomi's residential area (Watanoha) just started last week.  

3月13日撮影ー山三布施商店 加工工場
Fuse Shoten Seafood Processing Plant (3/13/2011)

3月13日撮影ー山三布施商店 加工工場
Fuse Shoten Seafood Processing Plant (3/13/2011)

3月13日撮影ー山三布施商店 加工工場
Fuse Shoten Seafood Processing Plant (3/13/2011)

3月23日撮影ー山三布施商店 加工工場
Fuse Shoten Seafood Processing Plant (3/23/2011)

3月23日撮影ー山三布施商店 第2加工工場件祖母自宅
Fuse Shoten Seafood Processing Plant-Bldg.#2/Grandmother's house (3/23/2011)

3月23日撮影ー山三布施商店 第2加工工場件祖母自宅
Fuse Shoten Seafood Processing Plant-Bldg.#2/Grandmother's house (3/23/2011)

Picture taken from Hitomi's house (3/12/2011)

Hitomi's House 3/19/2011

3月23日撮影 ヒトミの自宅一階
Htomi's House 1st Floor (03/23/2011)

3月23日撮影 ヒトミの自宅一階
Htomi's House 1st Floor (03/23/2011)

Monday, June 13, 2011

2 months After the tsunami....

It's been 2 months since the tsunami devastated my hometown.
The picture above was taken by my friend, Eri, last week in Ishinomaki.
As you can see, it's still a clean up stage and people are still looking for their missing families.
Eri also sent me pictures she took when she found her racing car in Natori, Miyagi Japan.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hitomi and Her Family Business Update

I was finally able to talk to Hitomi this past Sunday.
It's been difficult to talk on the phone since there is a time difference between here and Japan. Things have been really hard for her since 3/11/11.
I wish I could be there just to listen to her and cheer her up.

I told her about our project and she was so thankful for all the support she's receiving.
Hitomi's house is in Watanoha and they finally have water and electricity, but no gas yet.
Her father is doing everything he can to re-open their seafood processing business, but things have not been that easy. All the equipments they have at their processing plant are destroyed and their house was destroyed, too. To make the situation even worse, the insurance does not cover the damage from the tsunami. Despite all the hardship they are going through I really hope that we can have that Fuseshoten's famous Shiyokara someday.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sad News From Ishinomaki.

Today I received a package from my mother, and in that package, she included a photo book of the 3/11/11 Tsunami which was published by the local news paper.  In that picture book, there was a photo of the Okawa Elementary school which lost 70 percent of its students.  The school name made it to the national news headlines many times, so many of you might have already heard about this school.  Every time I hear or read about them, I wondered if I know any of the parents of the students who were killed or missing, or any of the teachers.

My mother also included a copy of newspaper article which tells a story of a local teacher and his wife looking for their daughter who was a student at Okawa Elementary and still missing as of May 21st.   The teacher in the article is my history teacher from my junior high school.  He was also my brother's homeroom teacher.  I cannot even imagine what they are going through.....Just like my teacher and Yuki's family, there are many others who are still searching for their families.  In Ishinomaki, people lost at least one family member, relative or friend in 3/11 Tsunami.  I’m no exception.  My heart goes out to my teacher and his wife, and all the people who lost their loved one in the tsunami.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

E-mail From Kanako加奈子からのメール

I received an e-mail from Kanako yesterday.
I'm going to share the part which she wrote about how things are going in Ishinomak.


こちらはね、徐々に回復しつつあるよ。毎日自衛隊が瓦礫撤去と遺体捜索......御遺体もまだまだあるみたいで… 瓦礫は石巻ゴミの100年分だって…水産会社の冷凍庫からの魚が腐敗して強烈な臭い!!ヘドロの臭い!くっせー!ってもんじゃない!暑くなってきたから余計にね… 
We are gradually recovering.....The National Defense Force is cleaning up the debris and searching for the bodies everyday.  Many bodies still need to be recovered.  They are saying we'll have the 100 years worth of debris.  There is a strong smell from the rotten seafood from the freezer in the seafood companies!  The smell from the mud! It really stinks!! The warmer weather is even making it worse...

生きてる間にこんな恐ろしいこと… ってあるのね。日和山から変わり果てた石巻をみて悲しくて、悲しくて… 
It is as if the atomic bomb were dropped....you just see the metal frames of the buildings and cars are all messed up, too.  A three-story building was destroyed in Onagawa.  I realized that things this terrible can happen during our lifetime... I'm just so sad when I look down the changed scenery of Ishinomaki from the top of Hiyori Mountain.  


But, everyone is working really hard to bring back the old Ishinomaki!
Tohoku-jin(People in North East of Japan) are strong!!
My husband's company is also re-opened for business.  
We received a lot of support to rebuild the business. 
I just want to scream and say "Thank you so much for your support!!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011